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A Grafik


Probably the most diverse region

in the country!




MAC Museum Art & Cars

The three columns of the MAC Museum Art & Cars in Singen are art, cars and architecture. Experience the extraordinary automobiles and the top-class of art in a directly dialog.

MAC Museum Art & Cars

Hegau Museum of archaeology

In the exhibition rooms of the castle in Singen you can visit the archaeological finds from the Hegau region. Experience more over the life of the people, who lived in the Hegau at the end of the last ice age until the early middle ages.

Museum of Archaeology

Singen - Museum of art

With modern and contemporary art from border rectangle lake constance the new museum of art welcomes you.

Museum of art Singen


Radolfzell at lake constance

At the city museum in the old city pharmacy Radolfzell's history stays alive.

City Museum of Radolfzell at lake constance


Museum of "Hesse"

Hermann Hesse, the writer and Nobel laureate of literature lived in Gaienhofen on the peninsula of Höri from 1904 until 1912. Beside the exhibition of his life and works in Gaienhofen, there are more sections with further writers and publishers, who lived and worked on the Höri peninsula.

Hermann Hesse Museum

Museum House Dix

For the prosecuted artists Otto Dix the Höri peninsula was not only the place of refuge but also his and his family's homeland. The former dwelling of family Dix offered the unique occasion, to get to know the surrounding and the center of life of one of the significant artists of the 20th century.

Otto Dix Museum


Archaeological state museum

The archaelogical state museum shows the evolution of Constance, the biggest city at lake constance on the basis of archaelogical findings - a journey into the past. 

Archaelogical state museum

Rosgarten Museum

The museum allowes an impression into the history of the city of constance and of the whole region sourrounding lake constance. Have a look at the collection stock and dive into the history of the city constance.

Rosgarten Museum

House of Jan Hus

The timber-framed house at the Schnetztor was the refuge of Johannes Hus before his arrest in november 1414. Here you can get an impression into the life of Hus as an christian theologican, preacher and reformer.

Jan Hus Museum


Museum of shrovetide

In the castle Langenstein you will find the museum of shrovetide. It is a cultural excursion into the "fifth time of the year". Have a look and get an impression of the tradition in the region around lake constance.

Museum of shrovetide in Orsingen-Nenzingen


Castle Heiligenberg

A visit in the castle Heiligenberg brings you back to the renaissance. Furthermore it is a state accepted climatic spa. Enjoy the nature, mountainbiking or strolls in the sourrounding area.

Castle Heiligenberg


Museum of zeppelin

The world most extensive exhebition of the airship travel history is located in the Museum of Zeppelin in Friedrichshafen. A faithful replica provides access to the passenger cabins on the LZ 129 Hindenburg.

Museum of zeppelin

Dornier museum

Have a look at the history of the past 100 years in the aerospace at the aerospace and space flight museum in Friedrichshafen at lake constance.

Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen


Meersburg and castle museum

From the oldest inhabitated castle in germany you will enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the lake constance. Experience the museum of the castle the medivial age and have a look a the exhibition of the poetess Annette von Droste-Hülshoff.

Castle Meersburg


Monastery Salem

The former big complex of the cloister was reconstructed in the 19th century by the markgrave of Baden into a palace. Medivial church meets baroque cloister building.

Monastery and castle Salem


Pile dwellings

One of the biggest open air museums in europe is the museum of pile dwellings at lake constance. Discover the rebirth of the stone age and the bronze age (4.000 until 850 B.C.).

Pile dwellings

Mannenbach-Salenstein (SUI)

Arenenberg - Napoleon castle

The Castle Arenenberg and the park with the museum of Napoleon is the only german speaking museum about the history of the napoleonic time. Get an impression of the life of the young Napoleon III. and his imperial family and enjoy the tour trough the park and the castle.

Napoleon Castle Arenenberg

Winterthur (SUI)

Swiss Science Center Technorama

The interactive exhibits in this amazing world of science at Technorama invite you to touch, to try, to play and to understand - no matter how old you are.

Technorama Winterthur